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The Host Talks About His Health and Teases a Brand New Season

Trebek opened up about his illness in a recent video that is currently all over social media. The host of Jeopardy is now done with chemo, and he is very glad about that. Trebek decided to face his illness heads-on, to be brave, determined, and to beat the pessimistic statistics of pancreatic cancer survival rates.

After 35 years of hosting the famous Jeopardy, Alex Trebek is still full of energy and ready to continue working on the legendary show. The 79-year-old host was glad to demonstrate how energetic he was, so fans even had a chance to see him performing some standing push-ups! Trebek is optimistic about this year and the upcoming new season of the popular show. The new season of the famous Jeopardy is scheduled for September 9 this year.

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