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Increased Number of Students from Richmond High Schools Perform Better at Advanced Placement Tests

An increased number of Richmond students participate in the advanced placement tests — and the results are great! The numbers speak for themselves as 191 more students are taking the exams in this school year than the year before. Besides, during the previous year, schools started the AP for All program that improves the general situation with AP classes.

Jason Kamras, a superintendent from Richmond, says that if we want to see greatness from the children, we need to demand greatness from them. The goal of the Advanced Placement Program is to provide high school children with access to college-level education. Also, a significant number of colleges offer credits to those who get high scores on their AP tests.

High school students from public schools in Richmond are getting better scores in these tests, and the average went up from 114 last year to 178 this year. Dawn Page, Chairwoman at the School Board, is optimistic and expects even better results from the students in the near future. Page, alongside other educators, is glad to see such important progress in high school students.

There Is Optimism in the Air

Richmond had the lowest rate of graduation in the state, and these new developments give new optimism and new hope. Until now, only one in ten high school students were ready for college — now there is a chance for these numbers to improve. At this point, Richmond high schools offer AP Spanish, AP calculus, AP literature, and AP biology. Tracy Epp, Chief Academic Officer, explains that educators are aware of the great potential that Richmond students have; and now, it’s up to the school system to provide these students with access to more advanced programs and give them a chance to shine. The school system needs to help students achieve their academic goals, Epp explains. The new changes in the Richmond education system are just a start, and educators expect more progress, more improvement, and better results. Richmond students now have more access to more advanced studies, and therefore a chance to demonstrate their true capacities.

Modern Technology to the Students of Richmond!

The changes in the high school education system are not the only positive thing that happened in Richmond public schools. The school board authorized the order of Chromebooks that will help students with their studies. Around $1.29 million will be spent on 4,200 new Chromebooks, and all sixth-graders will receive a Chromebook. Besides this, six-graders will all receive devices with internet access. Last year, there were 1,888 students in the sixth-grade according to the state’s Department of Education. The number of students that are going to enroll in sixth-grade this fall will be available to the public at the end of the year.

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