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Virginia’s TV Santa Strikes in August

However, the most curious thing about the whole event is the fact that a mysterious individual was wearing a large TV set on their head! In Henrico County, doorbell cameras in several Hampshire households documented the entire bizarre event. The doorbell camera recordings show a person, probably male, wearing a TV on their head and carrying one TV set in their hands. As the mystery man would approach a front porch, they would leave the vintage TV set on it and calmly leave the property. The motives behind the incident are unknown.

One of the neighborhood residents, M.K., found the old TV set on his front porch, just as many other Virginia residents. At first, when he had just found the television set, M.K. thought that maybe some college students were making a prank. Another resident of the area, J.B., discovered a tube-style TV on the front porch of his home. J.B. believes that there was nothing more than a prank to this incident, and he even considers it to be a bit funny.

Local police and local Solid Waste Divisions helped the residents affected by this incident by relieving them of the TVs. The whole occurrence remains both mysterious and bizarre since there is no obvious message to this gesture — neither political nor social.

Police officials stated that the only possible offense related to this incident was illegal dumping. Both residents and the authorities understand the entire event as a prank. It’s an interesting fact that a similar thing happened last August in the Glen Allen area. That time, twenty TV sets were left across the neighborhood. Is August the month of TV Santa operations? Maybe we will find out next year.

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