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National Security Veterans Are the New Democrats

The Virginia politician didn’t speak about the U.S. president directly, even though she was answering many questions related to the topic during a town hall meeting. Above all, Abigail Spanberger pointed out the importance of the protection of the Constitution and the respect towards evidence and facts in her work. The politician has deep experience in intelligence, as well as her many alterna-squad female colleagues who had impressive careers in either military or intelligence professions. Among these powerful alterna-squad women are Elissa Slotkin, Mikie Sherrill, Chrissy Houlahan, and Elaine Luria. The professional experience in national security is not the only thing that connects these women, as they all belong to the same political movement.

The team of these influential politicians seems to be sticking together when it comes to all of the work-related things, meetings, elections, and campaigns. Representative Cheri Bustos states that no one that has a national security background would stand for extreme views of any kind. Besides the absence of any extremism in their politics, these women also introduce some fresh ideas and views that are not typical for Democrats. Even the popular Republican rendering of Democrats as those who are in favor of socialism can’t have much influence when it comes to alterna-squad women.

When it comes to Donald Trump, alterna-squad’s stance, for now, comes down to ignoring the provocations and attacks. In fact, it goes even further as Nancy Pelosi advised Democrats even to ignore the president’s very name.

After defeating her opponent, the Republican candidate Dave Brat, Abigail Spanberger gained the title of a first Democrat representative in this district after about five decades. During the mentioned political battle and elections, Spanberger had the full support of the Democrat Ron Artis.

Two Main Topics: Health Care and the Integrity of Political Campaigns

During the latest town hall session, the women of alterna-squad elaborated on various topics and answered many queries. The issue of health care was one of the most popular in the discussion. Besides this alarming issue, Spanberger also spoke about rural broadband. Houlahan reported that she came across a lot of inquiries about education and health care as well. The Gateway rail project, however, was Sherrill’s topic.

One of the crucial ideas that these women have introduced is their concept for legislation that would guarantee the prevention of any outside (foreign) financial support for any political campaigns in the U.S. The concept also includes a part that concerns the identification of possible threats regarding the regularity of the U.S. campaigns. The idea about increasing the control over elections and campaigns in the States might have good reception in the country after all the scandals about Russian interference in U.S. politics.

In the heat of various political accusations, harmful, or stereotypical commentaries, Spanberger is firm in her idea to hold to essential matters, and not, as she says, “feelings.” Spanberger believes that important things at this point are legislation, health care, infrastructure, and integrity of elections.

When we look back on the political achievements of these women, we can notice how much they’ve achieved in a short time. Katherine Clark has pointed out the great importance that their experience in the field of national security had for their political careers. At this point, these alternative Democrats are highly respected in the world of national politics.

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