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More Space for New Employees

Torc Robotics company from Blacksburg is going to double in size when the new building with 15,800 square feet of office space, garages, and community rooms is complete. The finalization of the big project is expected in March. Torc Robotics is preparing new spaces to accommodate a flood of employees from its acquisition by a division of the Daimler Group.

Two companies, Daimler Trucks and Torc, plan to work on an automated trucks project. Torc is soon going to become a member of the young Autonomous Technology Group. The Group’s primary goal is to put highly automated vehicles on the roads of the U.S. in ten years. However, within the Group, Torc will keep its name, customer base, and it will continue to be a separate entity. Torc will also keep its facilities located in Blacksburg.

At this moment, Torc company has numerous job openings in various positions, such as planning and operations, self-driving behaviors, senior-level management, path planning, systems engineering, safety and testing, and active sensing and information fusion.

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