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Trump Arrives at Dayton

Donald Trump landed in Ohio on Wednesday on Wright-Patterson, the Dayton Air Force Base. The U.S. president will also visit another city that was struck by a mass shooting tragedy, the Sun City of Texas.

The city of Dayton, Ohio, recently witnessed a heartbreaking incident, when a gunman took nine lives and left 27 people injured. The tragedy unfolded in the city’s famous nightlife district. El Paso, Texas, faced a similar horrifying incident when a gunman took 22 lives and left numerous people injured. The chilling El Paso shooting happened at Walmart.

Seventy-two-year old Governor of Ohio, Richard Michael DeWine, stated that he thinks that political officials and leaders, such as the president or a governor, should always pay their visits to the places that were struck by tragedy and sorrow. DeWine gave the previous statement during a media conference.

Kellyanne Conway, who is currently a Counselor to Trump, confirmed that the president made the decision to visit Dayton and the state of Texas as soon as he was informed about the tragedies. Conway added that the president, in general, does meet with federal and local law enforcement. The Counselor also said that Trump tends to meet emergency responders and medical professionals. Kellyanne Conway stated that the public could be sure that the president will continue his practice of dialogues with emergency responders and law enforcement.

Before Trump visited Dayton, he gave a statement on his social media account regarding Ohio gunman’s political views. In the heat of the events, statements, and media coverage, a group that goes by the name of “Dayton Women” warned that the president would be faced with a rally. The goal of the mentioned protest was introduced to the media as a demand for improvement of gun policies.

Rallies and Discontent

Media outlets report about the intentions and wishes of the Dayton protestors. The organizers and the participants of the rally state that if the president wishes to do anything for the people tragically killed in the latest shooting that he will try to ban rifles, as well as all assault weapons, such as the one that took so many lives on Sunday. The weapon that was used in the horrific incident was able to achieve such damage to extreme proportions in less than 60 seconds time.

The mayor of Dayton said that she believes that prayers, visits, and similar gestures by the president shouldn’t even take place if the leader of the U.S. can’t confront the NRA. The mayor also stated that what the city needs the most is changes and advocacy, not visits and prayers. Nan Whaley announced before that she will greet the president but that she will also encourage local residents to rally and protest. Whaley added that she would discuss the critical issues of firearms and assault weapons with Trump.

The mayor also gave support to all people from Dayton, Ohio, who were not content with the president’s visit and rhetorics and want to speak up about it. Nan Whaley also added that she believes that the latest President’s speech regarding the tragic shootings inflicts pain to her community. Besides Trump’s rhetorics, Whaley also commented on his stance on an issue of firearms in the U.S. and that, in her opinion, it wasn’t of any help.

A Change of Heart

Mike Turner, a congressman from Dayton, has also stated that he plans to speak with the president about weapons control in the U.S. Turner stated that he supports the idea of a complete ban on all weapons that can be classified as “military” guns. He also added that he backs the concept of “red-flagging” people who are potentially dangerous and legislation that would allow confiscating weapons from such individuals.

In light of the aforementioned statements, it is interesting to remind ourselves that Mike Turner is a respected NRA member and that he holds NRA “A” rating. Last year, Turner gained the NRA’s support when he argued against the federal ban on semi-automatic weapons.

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