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Murder and Larceny Charges

A thirty-year-old man named Samuel Williams was arrested after the Richmond shooting incident. U.S. marshals made the arrest in connection to the tragic shooting. There is still no information about Samuel Williams’ permanent address.

Around an hour after midnight on Friday, police officers answered a call and arrived at North 25th Street where they found a lifeless body of a male. The officers that were on the scene also discovered one more victim of the shooting incident in question that survived the attack. The wounded individual was taken to a hospital and was diagnosed with injuries inflicted by a firearm. The wounds weren’t life-threatening. The murdered male individual was soon identified as Dominic Christian (33) with the residence in Ford Avenue.

The detectives that work on the case have determined that the incident unfolded as a result of an argument between the victims and S. Williams. Later, Samuel Williams faced three serious charges. The heaviest charge that Williams is facing is the attempted murder. Besides that, he is charged with grand larceny, as well as the use of a firearm under the circumstances that include the purpose/intention of committing the felony. However, police officials state that Williams will most likely face additional charges.

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