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Ibraheem Samirah Under the Avalanche of Threats and Hate Comments

An incident occurred during President Trump’s visit to Jamestown. A democratic delegate interrupted Trump’s speech shouting that he couldn’t send them back and that Virginia was their home, referring to the strict immigrant policy Trump administration was conducting.

Ibraheem Samirah, a democratic delegate from Herndon, fervently expressed his disapproval holding up three signs that sent the president to “his corrupted home.” The other two said “Deport Hate,” and the last one was a clear statement against separating immigrant families at the U.S. border. The crowd gathered at the venue booed loudly as the state police followed Samirah out of the room.

But the virtual backlash followed. While this action met complete understanding and approval on Twitter, Samirah had to face poisonous remarks and comments on other social media and email. Samirah stated in a phone conversation that he had been receiving constant threats and comments in the past two days. He added that some of these were death threats that he had to report to the police and to demand that they should take some action.

Despite all the hatred and intolerance poured on him these days, Samirah said that he couldn’t sit there and take no action. He concluded that he was going to stand against the “covering up the systemic discrimination” any time.

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