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A Project That Provides an Insight into the Hardships of Virginia Slaves

A non-profit organization, Virginia Humanities, gained considerable funds and teamed up with Google to raise awareness about the slavery period in this American state. The idea was to get the public familiar with the living conditions of enslaved people in Virginia by creating 360° views of the places they used to lodge.

These video tours feature different areas of Virginia state, including Richmond. The aim of this interesting project is to show how dominant and widespread slavery was in this part of America.

People nowadays don’t have many public places to go to if they want to find out more about this dark period of American history. So this way, they are going to have some insight into real spaces that are parts of private properties nowadays.

Everyone can access these videos from their homes or classrooms, which is a huge advantage of this project because people don’t have to travel across the state to see what they are interested in.

The whole thing works pretty simply. You see things from the first-person perspective and move around following a little arrow on your screen. The feeling that you are in these slums really enhances the experience.

The creators of this important project wanted to turn attention from the impressive Virginia plantation mansions to the hardship of slaves who had built those houses. They also wanted to affect the way Virginia faces and interprets its past. There are numerous controversial things revolving around this part of Virginia’s history that the experts from Virginia Humanities want to tackle. It seems that they have devised an effective method to do this.

You can find 12 of these 360° videos of different slave dwellings on their website.

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