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Virginia Beach Deemed High Risk After Failing to Meet Its Goals

After reports of violence earlier this year and several goals that the academy failed to meet, Virginia Beach school received “unsatisfactory” results from their latest audit. Furthermore, the program indicates that the institution is a high risk one after failing to meet the set goals.

For several years, Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy have been failing to meet graduation goals, spending goals, as well as having trouble keeping enough staff and students.

The academy is missing severe financial management, and all the costs per student remain incredibly high. Besides, there are too few students that are able to finish their 22-week program. Finally, the staff is not following up and keeping in touch with students after graduation.

While there have been some minor improvements, the academy received the same score regarding the same issues as with the previous inspection that was in November 2016. The number of students leaving the program is rather high at 34%; however, it is an improvement compared to the prior amount of 41%. Finally, while more students are graduating, they are still failing to meet their own target numbers.

There was a report in January that said that the program was continually failing compared to their peers and that they failed to meet their own goals for several years. Furthermore, they mentioned that there were cases of employees escalating tensions with other students that often resulted in violence and injuries.

The National Guard Bureau set the target for spending at $20,000 for each student, and the academy keeps exceeding that amount. It is estimated that they spend 35% more per student.

The external review of the fiscal management will be taken in January 2020. The officials from the academy refused to give a statement until a full audit was released.

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