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Trump’s Claims About the Homeless Have Caused an Avalanche of Reactions

Donald Trump continues with his tradition of making reckless and untrue statements. Officials from Washington were first taken aback and now are taking a stance related to the president’s recent statement about homeless people.

Trump has recently claimed that he ordered for homeless people to be moved from the capital city streets during the visits of international leaders. This is not the only false claim though. Trump also made a huge mistake, deliberately or not, when he said that the problem of homelessness was of a recent date.

The president thought that homeless people had appeared on the streets only a couple of years ago. He used his interview with Fox News to blame the city and state representatives for such a dire state on the streets of America. He also threatened with some kind of intervention.

The president then added that he had already taken some steps towards getting the homeless from the central areas of the capital at the beginning of his presidential mandate. He allegedly had some kind of confrontation with these people saying that they should stay away from the streets when foreign officials came to visit.

There’s no need to say that these statements completely puzzled the Washington officials. They said the president talked about an exodus rather than offering some services to alleviate the difficult situation these people were in. They added that it was what they were supposed to do.

Surveys on the Homeless Population Show a Slight Decrease

A recent survey conducted in Washington showed that there were 6,500 homeless people in the city. This is a considerable decrease compared to 8,350 in 2016. But Trump and his actions had nothing to do with this.

The house pricing in America is driving more and more people to the streets. This explains the increased number of homeless people on the West Coast, where the strong economy caused the real estate prices to soar.

The night snapshots taken over the past three years have shown that there are more than half a million homeless people on the national level.

Trump’s attack on the homeless came as a response to Carlson’s impressions of Japan. Carlson, the host of this interview, noted that there were no junkies in the streets of Japan and that no one used pavements as a substitute for toilets.

Trump blamed the whole situation on the officials adding that he could not understand why they didn’t take some actions to curb this problem. He presumed that they were “too afraid to do anything about it” or they just thought about their votes and saving their positions.

Strong Reactions to Trump’s Accusations

The L.A. mayor responded to the president’s wild accusations saying that neither Trump nor he was to blame since the problem with the homeless population had existed for decades.

He invited the president to visit Los Angeles and witness the hardship of people who lived on the street.

Washington representatives also seemed offended by Trump’s tone and vocabulary and stated that they would like to see some additional federal funds go to the affordable housing projects, for example.

Laura Zelinger, the head of the Washington Department of Human Services, declared that Trump didn’t take any personal action to tackle the serious issue of homelessness. Quite the contrary,  he planned to lower the budget aimed for affordable housing.

The White House refused to answer to numerous questions about what Trump really meant when he was talking about the homeless in D.C. They focused instead on the drop in the number of homeless people. And they added that Trump’s administration had included around 2.6 billion dollars to support affordable housing and other services for the local homeless population.

The White House spokesman announced that the president had ordered the officials to find a way to eliminate all the regulations that stand in the way of affordable housing. He also demanded that his team devise a comprehensive plan to fight the tragic situation.

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