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The Good Side of Filming in Virginia

On Monday, the governor of Virginia said that a popular TV show about zombies, “The Walking Dead,” would get its spinoff, which will be shot in Virginia during the summer.

Governor Northman said in a statement that this show was going to have ten episodes. The plot will be centered around two young women who are stepping into adulthood while the zombie apocalypse is happening out there. Currently, The Walking Dead is in the ninth season.

This show will be the second one that AMC filmed in the state. The first one was the spy drama with the title “Turn.” The new TV shows will be shot in central Virginia during this summer, according to the governor.

Additionally, Northman pointed out in the statement that they were so pleased because AMC decided to shoot again in Virginia. Also, he said that this TV show would offer jobs with high salaries for their workers. Apart from new opportunities for small and large businesses, the TV show comes with fans all over the world, which ups the value of the state, just like this spinoff reflects on Virginia.

A state Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Brian Ball, has said in a statement that production of movies brings the revenue of $800 million to Virginia’s economy. Namely, the impact of the TV show “Turn” was evaluated and, according to estimates, it made $200 million in revenues for Virginia. Interestingly, new TV shows will be entitled to a Virginia tax credit if they hire a certain number of local workers.

In a statement, the head of the Virginia Film Office, Andy Edmunds, said that Senoia, a place where “The Walking Dead” was filmed in the past, experienced rapid economic growth because the fans had been gathering at the shooting locations.

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