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Testing Lab From Virginia Publishes Flag Football Helmet Ratings

Blacksburg, Virginia — The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab has published the analysis on flag football helmets. The lab tested twelve different helmets and has been quoted to say that the results of the research might have a lasting effect on the sport’s dynamic.

Director of the Helmet Lab, Steve Rosen, said that, since there was no other input regarding helmet data, there was no regulation or a set of standards they needed to fulfill. The Lab has taken on to change that and has pioneered providing relevant data regarding the helmets that are in use. With this data, people now know what the good and the bad sides of the helmets in question are, and as a result, they can make decisions based on information.

Rosen went on to say that, despite flag football being a non-contact sport, players are still hitting their heads, and the aim of the helmets is to reduce any risk, or hopefully, prevent an injury. Although they are less frequent than in regular football, head collisions still occur, and there needs to be a way for risk reduction.

The Lab’s research can change the dynamic of flag football. In recent years, the popularity of flag football has been on the rise, as more and more youngsters seem keen on playing it. Estimates say around 1.5 million children in the age span from six to 17 play flag football. Many of them don’t wear helmets as of yet, but that could soon change.

Some flag football leagues have already made wearing helmets mandatory, and according to Rosen, that’s a trend that will soon spread across the country.

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