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Ren Zhegnfei, Huawei CEO, Claims Their OS Will Be Faster Than Android and iOS

When the United States government banned trading with Huawei due to potential security risks, the Chinese telecommunications giant had to work on finding an alternative to Android and other Google products. Google, as an American company, will have to entirely stop their business with the Chinese phone company, which means that Huawei now needs to switch to a different operating system.

In an interview with a French magazine Le Point, the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, announced that the company was working on an in-house solution named Hongmeng OS. The idea behind their own operating system is to make it more versatile so that it can run on a plethora of devices, including smartphones, data centers, routers, etc.

They have already begun running tests on the Hongmeng OS and have compared the numbers with their two main rivals — Android and iOS. Although, logically, they haven’t disclosed the full results of the testing, Ren Zhengfei said that it was “very likely” the Huawei’s OS will perform better than Google and Apple’s systems. He claimed that the system would have a processing delay of under five milliseconds and would be built to be completely compatible with the Internet of Things.

Users could also use it for other non-smartphone-related activities, like autonomous driving. According to Zhengfei, their ambition was to make a system which will be able to connect all electronic objects and make them work simultaneously, thus reaching “a smart society.”

Competing With Google and Apple

These Zhengfei’s claims have added fuel to the rumors that Hongmeng OS would be about 60% faster than Android. However, the CEO himself admitted the company would have been better off if it hadn’t had to move away from Android, as it now becomes a direct competitor to both Apple and Google. They face difficulty in the shape of the other two already having an ecosystem which was rich with thousands of different apps.

Huawei now has to come up with their own Play Store/App Store and have already started working with developers in order to make a suitable alternative. Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Business Group, talked about Huawei’s alternative to Windows and Android since April, when the talks about a ban started gathering pace.

They have applied Hongmeng OS in nine different countries so far, as the testing went to another level. Huawei is undoubtedly getting close to fully releasing its operating system, and it will be interesting to see how they compete with the already established macOS and Android devices.

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