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Possible New Laws After the Shooting

On Wednesday, Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, announced more details about the gun bill and that he planned to discuss them at a special session dedicated to this issue.

No information about this is yet revealed to the public. Republicans proposed two bills that need to be discussed at the session, and there are possibly more of them.

At a news conference on June 4, four days after the mass shooting in Virginia, Gov. Northam said that he would like to suggest the law regarding the prohibition of deadly weapons, bump fire stocks and silencers. He would like to do background checks on people to enforce a rule about protective orders; reinstate Virginia’s law which limits an individual to buying only one gun per month; a law about the requirements needed for a report on stolen and lost firearms; and lastly, a law concerning the authority to control guns.

Governor’s office pointed out that Democratic legislators had sent eight bills to the Virginia Division of Legislative Service.

Additionally, Gov. Northam said he wanted a law that would let local authorities enforce gun restrictions harsher than state law, and that this law would involve municipal buildings too.

Gov. Northam suggested prohibiting firearm magazines, but he didn’t mention whether or when it would be implemented at a news conference on June 4. Also, he said to the public earlier that he had supported a ban of magazines which hold over ten rounds.

Gov. Northam explained that he wanted lawmakers to create a red flag law which would authorize police force and legal bodies to seize someone’s gun for the time being, if it happens that an individual exhibits dangerous behavior towards themselves and others.

Regarding children’s access to guns, Gov. Ralph Northam plans to modify the penalty from a misdemeanor to a crime if it happens that a child gets in possession of a loaded gun. Moreover, he wants to increase the age limit to whom the law applies from 14 to 18.

In the Legislative Information System of the state, people can see two bills filed by Delegate Mark Cole. One of the bills would systematize the Supreme Court ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, in which case the court made a decision that the constitutional right to possess a gun was not connected to military service.

Del. Cole’s second bill would appoint the state and local governments that prohibit people from carrying guns at work to assure their safety by ensuring police security or even private armed security.

Northam declared, four days after an employee killed 12 people, that he would request a special session in order to discuss this matter.

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