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Paying Tribute: Hall of Fame Soccer Coach Charlie Slagle Passed Away Aged 67

Richmond, Virginia — Charlie Slagle, Hall of Fame soccer coach, passed away on Tuesday in his Richmond family home. Slagle was 67 years old. Consequently, people from all around the world have sent their tributes.

Charlie Slagle spent his career going throughout the country, taking on different challenges and being in charge of several teams. After finishing his career, he returned to Richmond, where Rob Ukrop, his arguably best player, reunited with his former coach.

Speaking to the media, Ukrop expressed his gratitude towards Slagle, commenting that his college career took off thanks to Slagle taking a risk with him and giving him a chance. Ukrop added that Slagle always had an unwavering belief in people. In 1992, Slagle was in charge of the Davidson Wildcats, where Ukrop played, when they reached the NCAA Final Four.

Ukrop went on to say that it wasn’t just him who received confidence from the coach. Namely, that team was full of players with no scholarships, but Slagle saw the potential in them and established their self-confidence, something which the team lacked. Moreover, according to Ukrop, the coach always found a way to get the best out of everyone, which was perhaps his greatest gift.

Slagle left Davidson College with 202 wins (a record) to assume the position of a CEO and executive director of youth clubs in North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida. In 2018, he became the vice president of community engagement and gameday experience in the Richmond Kickers.

Ukrop, together with the Kickers, will always try to honor the memory of the Hall of Famer, as he was a perfect mentor and coach. He left a huge legacy and has indebted the whole team. Ukrop stated that they were working on figuring out what the fitting tribute would be.

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