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“Cook-Off” Event Is Made for Amateur Gourmands

Barbecue “Cook-Off” has been organized for the second year by The Rotary Club of the Historic Triangle.

Brad Anderson, the organizer, said that they commenced the cook-off to let people know that not only was the Rotary Club of the Historic Triangle helping their community, but they also knew how to make it entertaining for the guests.

Incomes from this event are intended for the 3e Restoration, which is a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless and the ones in need. Anderson pointed out that 400 people came to the cook-off in 2018, and that he held out hope that this year more people would attend. He added that as the event was growing, they would collect more funds for 3e Restoration.

Anderson declared that in this competition, so-called “Cook-Off,” the number of restaurants would partake. He asserted that people would most definitely enjoy trying the food from eight different restaurants and that every restaurant would be offering three different dishes — beef brisket, pulled pork, and a side. All in all, visitors will have a chance to try out 24 different dishes.

In the last cook-off, the restaurant “OId City Barbeque” won the first place in brisket and pork.

The owner of Old City, Vernon Geddy, said that it was a lot of fun for them and that they were completely new last year. Anderson indicated that the cook-off was meant for barbecue enthusiasts and that they would be competing in three categories: pulled pork, ribs, and chicken.

Anderson noted that, last year, the amateur teams had the most fun because they connected over the experience of cooking and camping. Six teams of amateurs have signed up for the event, but the organizers believe that there is space for 10–12 teams. There is still time to sign up if you want to participate.

Co-founder of Two Drummers BBQ said that no matter if they won or not, it would be fun either way for every participant.

Wade pointed out that his favorite part was when satisfied people came close to him and said that his food was the best.

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