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A Man Stabbed a Number of People at the Blood Plasma Donation Center

Blood Donor Center Before the authorities managed to take him into custody, a man stabbed a number of people at the blood plasma donation center in Virginia. This Thursday in Petersburg, at the Octapharma Plasma center, a man proceeded to stab an unknown number of victims.

While all the victims are in stable condition, there hasn’t been any detailed information regarding the stabbing.

The officials from Southside Regional Medical Center said that they had three victims from the attack. The first one admitted was a male who was listed as in critical condition and had to be transferred to a different hospital. The second one was a female listed as in fair condition, and the third one also a female listed as in good condition.

The authorities hadn’t revealed the identity of the attacker, and he will be questioned Thursday evening.

It remains to be seen what caused this kind of behavior and we can expect more details in the next couple of days.

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